Adaptive Cruise Control in 2011 US Cars

Update: I posted a list of 2013 US cars with stop & go adaptive cruise control.

My next car will have radar or laser based adaptive cruise control.  And keyless ignition, where you only have to have the fob in your pocket to open and start the car.

Adaptive Cruise Control (Image:
Here are the lowest cost cars with these features:

Car Edmunds True Market Value* with Adaptive Cruise, Keyless Ignition, and Auto Trans
Dodge Charger $30,920
Toyota Prius $31,835
Lexus CT 200h** $33,184
Ford Taurus $33,218
BMW 328i Sedan $36,480
Volvo S60 $36,865
Chrysler 300C $39,655
Hyundai Genesis $39,757
Infiniti G37 $40,240
Lincoln MKS $40,599
Audi A4 $43,759
Acura RL $46,049
Mercedes E350 $53,397
Cadillac DTS $54,409

* Only the lowest cost car of each make is listed.  No SUVs or crossovers.  No non-US cars.

** The 2012 Lexus CT 200h has adaptive cruise control.  Note that the Lexus is actually slower than the Prius.

Dodge’s 2011 Charger is the cheapest car with adaptive cruise and keyless ignition.

The 2012 Ford Focus has adaptive cruise — but only in Europe — for the time being.  Ford did state back in 2009 it intends to “incorporate the [adaptive cruise control] system into all its vehicles“.  The 2013 Ford Fusion will have ACC, and may overtake Dodge for the most inexpensive ACC-equipped car on the market.  At the other end of the spectrum, the 2013 Cadillac ATS is coming, also with adaptive cruise.

Mercedes is working on “traffic jam assist“, which is almost hands-free driving.  (It remains to be seen how well this or any radar/laser-based cruise works in fog, heavy rain, spray, or snow.)

Anyone else as excited about this tech as I am?  Or know any other cars available in the US with adaptive cruise?  Post in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Adaptive Cruise Control in 2011 US Cars

  1. Hey! Thanks writing this, i was wondering if you did you buy a new car with ACC ? If so what did you buy? Im looking for something similar… very hard to find within a reasonable price range

  2. Thanks for commenting. Didn't buy one yet as my current car still works fine and, like you, am waiting for the price to come down. Would be seriously tempted by a 2014 Focus with ACC, if Ford makes it.

    Pie in the sky, maybe a 2-3 year old G37. But only after studying how much my repair and insurance bills would go up.

  3. Thanks for the list.
    Looks like the Mercedes C-Class did not incorporate adaptive cruise. The new Ford Fusion and Cadillac ATS will have it. The 2013 Ford Fusion may even come at a good price point…

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