Apps: Before You Click Update

Apple makes it very easy to update apps on your iPhone.  Just click the giant UPDATE ALL button and whoo – all your apps get updated, shiny and new.

But newer is not always better. Apps I refuse to update:

Kindle 2.7+
“Removes the dictionary from your list of books, and no longer lets you open the dictionary and read from it. Update notes do not disclose this.” –925925

Pandora 3.1.12+
“Maybe if you guys stopped trying to cram in an escalating amount of bloat and advertising [with every update] the app would continue to work properly.” –Shawhan Moleski 3.1+
The loading time got so bad, I just deleted it and replaced it with the free Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which is much faster.

Runkeeper 2.4.7+
“Before the update, you could end an activity [quickly]. Now, ending an activity involves a convoluted multi-step process, where one has to decide whether to share the activity on twitter, Facebook, or some other mindless social website.” –FlyDogAZ

Mapquest 2.5.1+
“All you did was add pop up banners constantly.” –Nyr9440

Other apps I’m not updating: Bejeweled and Drop7 (Facebook integration: no thanks), Shazam (now limits you to 5 music tags per month).

The iPhone really needs an IGNORE UPDATE button.  I’ve submitted feedback to Apple requesting this.  Now it’s your turn.

Addendum: Two years after I wrote this, Apple released iOS7, with optional Automatic App Updates.  So what I do now is simpler.  I don’t like managing updates.  If an app upgrade makes it worse, I just delete the app and replace it with something better:

I replaced Kindle with iBooks.  Pandora with iTunes Radio/Soundcloud. eventually got a bit faster, and Merriam-Webster got slower.  I usually use Siri to look up words now.  Runkeeper was replaced with Nexercise, but both are pretty slow.  With Apple’s new M7 Motion Sensor, I suspect they’ll be releasing some sort of fitness app/watch soon.  Mapquest replaced with Apple Maps.

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