iPhoto ’09 Slow to Start after Lion Upgrade

After upgrading to Lion, iPhoto ’09 suddenly began starting up with a 20-second spinning wait cursor.  After the slow start, the program operated normally.  This problem is discussed on Apple’s discussion boards, but none of the fixes there worked for me.

iPhoto ’09 startup delay in Lion

I did find that if you turn off Wi-Fi, the problem goes away.  So I turned Wi-Fi back on, fired up Wireshark, and found iPhoto trying to make the following queries while I waited:

iPhoto ’09 connecting to place.apple.pushpin.com, etc.

This happens even if Look Up Places is set to Never in iPhoto preferences.  I tried a new user profile, a brand new iPhoto library with no photos in it, cleaning out the plist files at Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration, turning off sharing options in iPhoto prefs, and disabling MobileMe.   Nothing worked.

Any suggestions?  (The same version of iPhoto ’09 (8.1.2) started quickly in Snow Leopard.)

Update: Just upgraded to iPhoto ’11 (9.2.1) and all is well again.  Starts in just 3 seconds on my 2009-era Mac!  Even with Photo Stream turned on, it seems just as fast.  Love the new version, and it works fine with my library of 1,850 photos and 94 videos.  Given the chorus of bad reviews, I was expecting things to be slow.  The only problem I noticed was a little choppiness when zooming in on photos or scrolling through a long list.  Launch speed is vastly improved.

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