Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go in 2013 US Cars

I’ve moved to an area where my commute isn’t so long, but there’s still a lot of stop & go traffic, so I’ve become interested in adaptive cruise control with stop & go abilities.


Stop & go means the adaptive cruise sensors (radar, laser, or cameras) are able to bring the car to a complete stop and resume from a standstill.  (As opposed to quit working around 25 mph.)  This is a fairly high-end feature normally associated with luxury cars.  A couple makes are bringing this second generation adaptive cruise technology down in price, and I wanted to see what the price range is, so here you go:

Car Edmunds True Market Value* with Stop & Go Adaptive Cruise and Auto Trans
Subaru Legacy Limited $28,229
Volvo S60 $33,003
BMW 328i Sedan $38,637
Cadillac ATS $44,841
Mercedes E350 $52,401
Audi A6 $55,097
Porsche Panamera $77,879

* Only the lowest cost car of each make is listed.  No SUVs or crossovers.  No non-US cars.

The Subaru Legacy wins on price, and there are quite a few reviews of the Eyesight camera based system it uses at the Subaru Outback forums.

The 2014 Chevy Impala LTZ also has Stop & Go for about $41K.  Also, the 2014 Kia Cadenza is coming with Stop & Go for around $40K.  (Thanks to Emil for the tip!)

If I’ve missed any cars in this list, feel free to let me know by posting below.

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