How to Sync PDFs from iBooks on the iPhone/iPad to your Mac

Finally figured out how to do this thanks to a gentleman named Heiko at :

  1. Open iTunes on your Mac and connect your device
  2. Highlight your iOS device in iTunes
  3. Pull down the File menu, hit Device, then Transfer Purchases:

iTunes: Transfer “Purchases” (including PDFs) from iOS device

All PDFs will be copied to your Mac.

  1. Now open iBooks on your Mac
  2. Pull down the File menu, and hit Move Books from iTunes

All your PDFs from iBooks on your iOS device are synced to your iBooks on OS X:

iBooks: Move Books from iTunes

Like Heiko, I cannot find any official documentation for doing this.  It sure is a lot faster than transferring each PDF individually by email.  I don’t understand why this isn’t done during a normal iTunes or iCloud sync.

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