New Office Chair – the Steelcase Amia

During the pandemic, many of us are forced to work from home – myself included.  Time to put away the dining room seat and get a real office chair.

By far the most comfortable chair at any of the various employers I’ve had has been made by Steelcase – the Steelcase Leap and Amia seats specifically.  But these cost around $700 new.  (Though as of this writing, the Amia is $399 renewed on Amazon)

Steelcase Amia, in red

So I setup a saved search alert on Craigslist to let me know when any Steelcase Amias come along below $350.  Steelcase chairs pop up every month in my city, but often at a high price.  I was patient, and six months later, I’m sitting on an almost new Steelcase Amia for $200.  I can sit in this thing for hours and not get tired or have a sore back.  Love it!

What I like about the Steelcase Amia:

  • Hyper adjustable armrests (extending all the way forward (and even inward/outward), to support your elbows when typing/mousing
  • Seat slides forward to support long thighs
  • Tall enough to support long backs
  • Solidly built all around – not flimsy or wobbly like those no-name chairs you see at Staples or Costco
  • Traditional styling

There’s really nothing I dislike about it, and I’m kind of picky.  Colleagues at work have also gotten Steelcases, but also recommended the X-Chairs, the IKEA Markus ($199), and the Herman Miller Aeron.  The only one of those I’ve tried is the Aeron.  I thought the Aeron was surprisingly uncomfortable for such an expensive chair, and it looks weird.  Many people disagree, so be sure to try before you buy, if you can.

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