How to Get Printer Stats (Page Count, Drum Unit Life, Toner Remaining) from Dell Laser Printers

I have a small Dell E310DW laser printer, which is a rebranded Brother L2340DW wireless printer.  Bought it for $90 three years ago.  Today, I discovered the printer’s internal status page.  Here’s how to get to it:

  1. With the printer on, go to http://dell5bbcd8.local./general/information.html?kind=item (this address may be slightly different depending on whether you have a Brother or Dell printer).  Not sure if part of the address is randomized though.  If it doesn’t work, try putting your printer’s IP address in your web browser’s location bar.
  2. You’ll see a page that looks similar to the one below.  You can go to the home page to see the amount of toner remaining.

    dell printer info.png

You can also get this info by doing a status print out.

After I bought this printer, I sold my old non-wireless HP LaserJet P1006 printer for $40 on Craigslist.  Even though it needed toner, I still had 4 people competing to buy it.

A few more things I love about this Dell/Brother laser:

  • Fast duplex printing (prints on both sides of the page to save paper)
  • Works wirelessly with no software to install on Macs, iPads, and iPhones
  • You can continue printing even beyond the toner’s estimated print life by enabling “Continue Mode“. Use the printer controls on the printer itself, or log into the printer web management (described above), and set the replace toner option to enable this mode.

After 3 years, I’ve printed 265 pages.  That’s 88 pages a year, or 7 pages a month.  I have roughly 60% of my “starter toner” remaining.  At this rate, I’ll be be able to use the original toner for at least another 3-4 years!  This would be unheard of in the inkjet world.

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