How to get TurboTax to Import Last Year’s H&R Block PDF Return

I decided to try TurboTax 2020 this year after getting fed up with bugs in H&R Block’s software. It seems TurboTax’s quality isn’t great either. I kept getting unsuccessful import errors when trying to import H&R Block 2019’s PDF.

The trick, I discovered, is to prune down what H&R Block puts in the PDF:

  1. Open H&R Block and pull down the File menu.
  2. Click Print, and deselect everything except for Forms to Submit.
  3. Print to PDF. The PDF that’s generated will import successfully into TurboTax.

I guess the TurboTax importer was getting confused by the cover pages and/or supporting forms/worksheets. You’d think Intuit would test this. (and perhaps revamp their importer or at least include a useful error message)

Other annoyances I’ve found with tax software this year:

2 thoughts on “How to get TurboTax to Import Last Year’s H&R Block PDF Return

  1. Could not find the answer to importing a PDF from 2020 H&R Block into 2021 TurboTax online anywhere.

    Here is what I did and it worked.

    Opened the H&R Block Software 2020.

    Browsed for the T20 file and opened it.

    Clicked on File, then Save As PDF… and saved it.

    It will give you 2 files: For_Filing and For_Records.

    You can exit H&R Block program now (No need to save).

    Then I opened TurboTax 2021, browsed for the “For_Filing” PDF and double clicked on it.

    Worked for me! Good Luck.!!!

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