Gravity Blanket

I bought a Gravity weighted blanket a few months ago. A few people have asked me my opinion on it, so I’m putting down my thoughts here:


  • It’s like a big hug every night. Comfortable, no off-gassing smells, well-made.
  • I go to sleep faster and stay in bed longer with it on.
  • Cover is washable.
  • Even the cooling version is warm in the winter. (in a 65-67F / 18-19C household) If you’re used to wearing pajamas, you may want to sleep without them. If you keep your house above 70F / 21C, you may not want a weighted blanket.)
  • You may be able to get a discount on Black Friday or by emailing support politely.


  • If you’re over 5’10”, you should probably get the King/Queen version. The Standard version is just too short. My feet kept sticking out, and I had to return/exchange it (and pay $55 return shipping).
  • The King/Queen version is expensive. ($265 + tax when I bought it)
  • It’s heavy: 35 pounds, and can be a bear to move.
  • Comes with suffocation warnings for children under a certain age – that’s how heavy it is. This is an adult blanket.

Despite the cons, I’m glad I got it. I was going to get another big plush Korean blanket (which is pretty heavy itself at around 15 pounds) but decided on Gravity and it’s even better.

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