Forecast Failed or No Weather Data errors from macOS Weather Widget

A few months ago I was fiddling with location services on my Mac Mini. (Running macOS Monterey 12.4) I ran a few defaults write commands without recording what I was doing. This was in an attempt to fix something else, and I forget what it was I was doing or whether it worked. I don’t even know if it caused what I’m seeing below.

Now, whenever the Mac has been sitting for a while (awake but with the display off), I get these errors when I open Notification Center:

In the Console, I see:

I did a few things that did not involve defaults write commands to try and fix this. These were all temporary fixes:

  • Settings > Security & Privacy > Hit (un)Lock > toggle off/on Location
  • Delete weather widget and re-add
  • Clear cache files from ~/Library/Containers/ and re-add weather widget
  • Toggle off/on Wi-Fi

Sometimes after toggling Wi-Fi, local weather would work, but Photos would say “Looking up location data” forever when you tried to see where a picture was taken. Maps would also hang.

Finally, I tried turning off Limit IP address tracking in Settings > Network > Wi-Fi and restarted the computer. Everything started working, and it’s been working for 6+ hours. Let’s see if it continues working after a day or so, but here’s hoping!

Update: It failed after around 48 hours this time. But now all I have to do to fix it is toggle Limit IP Address Tracking On/Off and it instantly starts working again.

Let me know in the comments below if this has happened to you and if you were able to resolve it.

On a related note, I also found that if your Notification Center widget isn’t responding to mouse clicks (for example, to change your city location to My Location, or to press Done), you need to force quit the WidgetConfigurationExtension from Activity Monitor.

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