How to Search Within an Album in Photos on the Mac

I was looking through an album of 500+ photos. I knew the photo had rocks in it. I didn’t want to have to scroll through hundreds of photos to try and find it. And I didn’t want to search all photos for every landscape photo I had with rocks.

You’d think you’d be able to just type in:album searchterm in the Photos search box, right?

Well that doesn’t work. To search within an album, you have to create a new album, like so:

  1. Pull down the File menu > New Smart Album and Match all of the following conditions:
  2. For the first condition, set Album is: [name of dumb album]
  3. For the second condition, set Text is: [search term]

Here’s an example screenshot showing this, matching 47 items within a 500+ photo album:

Now I was able to visually scan through the 47 results and find the exact rocky photo I was looking for.

Perhaps some day Apple will allow easier searching within existing albums, without this clunky workaround.

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