Movie Reviews from a Christian Perspective

Two sites I look at to see if it’s worth spending time watching a movie: states the worldview of the movie, whether moral and/or biblical, or pagan, humanist, etc.  And if it is pagan/etc., they state any redeeming factors.  I find this very helpful.

For example, they praise the war movie Defiance.

And they advise against seeing the mobster courtroom drama Find Me Guilty.

They also state the political slant to the movie, if one exists – whether it is pro/anti communist, pro/anti business, environmentally wacky, or politically-correct.  For example, in the movie Source Code, the terrorist was revealed to be a (SPOILER), and they called it out.

My second favorite is Christian Spotlight on Entertainment, which is already pretty popular.  They have more in-depth and opinionated reviews than MovieGuide, plus reader viewpoints.

Am glad there are good people out there willing to sit through hours of junk so I don’t have to.  Donate to them if you like their reviews!